There are many reasons to start a company: to become your own boss, to solve a problem, to get social recognition, to grow, to take on challenges. For its part, Ambioner has always kept the same promise: to put engineering at the service of people and the environment.

Since its founding in 2009, our engineering team specializes in electromechanical design in the building sector and covers all electromechanical components of buildings: electricity, plumbing, heating and ventilation, and control. This passion is essentially based on three values:

To make a positive impact on society and the planet

By designing sustainable buildings and solutions that are more and more environment-friendly.

To make a positive impact on people

Both on our employees (by valuing personal development, cohesion, innovation and communication) and on our partners and clients.

To be cost-effective

We do not seek profit at all costs, but it is by respecting our management approach that we ensure that we achieve a balance in our daily operations.


Our approach to sustainability

Since Ambioner’s establishment in 2009, sustainability has been the cornerstone of the firm’s deployment both internally and externally. The development of a clear and common vision from which we can better make choices and justify them is based on a balanced consideration of socio-economic, ethical, environmental and management aspects.

Externally, what makes us different is the unique combination of our three main services: energy efficiency, commissioning and electromechanical design Together, they allow for the development of optimal projects that enable us to actively contribute to sustainable construction in Quebec and Canada. To ensure the balance between these services, our teams work in cohesion and ensure the optimization of each of our projects.

Our approach to sustainability translates into a sustained commitment to various partners and organizations active in the field of sustainable buildings. It also guides our experts in the constant search for bold and beneficial solutions for our clients, based on our advanced understanding of energy efficiency and low greenhouse gas emission project design.

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Our team always seeks to combine the well-being of the inhabitants and the reduction of energy consumption so that the projects delivered have a reduced impact on the environment.

Motivated by the notion of low environmental impact of our operations, we have established an action plan to measure, manage and reduce. The main targets are GHG emissions, transportation, residual materials, and the energy performance of our offices. We also take part in recognition programs that allow us to follow this action plan, such as the Vélosympathique or ICI on recycle + certification, which we obtained in 2021. Ambioner is also committed to carbon neutrality in its operations, offsetting its GHG emissions (direct and business travel) by supporting the Carbone Boréal program of the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi.

Our human approach

Internally, our top priority is the well-being and health of our employees, the recognition and development of their knowledge and skills, and work-life balance. We constantly seek to maintain consistency between our guiding principles and our actions. We encourage new ideas and proximity between our teams to promote continuous improvement.

Ambioner has a unique corporate culture. We have a family and belonging spirit where every employee feels that his contribution is important, which encourages to give the best of oneself, so that all projects are completed to the highest expectations and can continue to propel us.

We focus on building a relationship based on mutual understanding and trust with the client to meet their requirements and achieve a quality building that everyone will be proud of. Our reputation and strong ethics are our strength.

« Our ideal is that each of our client-expert-consultant relationships becomes a true partnership, in order to achieve the objectives of each project in a pleasant working environment. »

–  Miguel Sousa, President and founder



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